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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

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If you decided to visit Austria, Vienna might be the first city to start your trip in Austria.

We flew from Gdańsk to Vienna airport.

I believe the city is known for esthetic buildings so we really enjoyed walking around the city.

We only had a half-day in Vienna but we managed to visit these spots which have no entrance fee. (Good for budget travellers like us)

The iconic garden in Vienna so it is hard to miss. It was bigger than I thought. Recommended going in the morning before it gets crowdy.

I believe some parts of the building are not free but hey, the garden is so impressive and free!

Compare to Belvedere Gardens, it is a shortstop.

Probably my favourite spot in Vienna. It is right next to Belvedere Gardens and a quite fun spot for nature lovers and walkers.

There are some benches available so could be your lunch spot if the weather is good!

If you start your day with a good cup of coffee like us, Fenster Café is the one you need to hit. As their signage says, they serve pretty dumb good expresso drinks!! (I believe they don't do filter coffee such as hand drip or french press.)

We both had flat white and it was delicious.

It is more like a coffee stand so people came here for takeaway coffee. I saw people (presumably locals) queuing up but the barista worked really swiftly so the waiting time didn't bother us. Plus, he was very friendly too.

I found this cafe on google map, it isn't located on the main street so you wouldn't accidentally find this cafe. Filter coffee wasn't that great but espresso drinks were good. I personally prefer Fenster Cafe.

The Interior and the atmosphere of the cafe were super cool so I can imagine it is popular among esthetes.



One of the favourite spots in the world!! Totally underrated sport in Austria.

Why did I like it so much?

  • It got everything. Mountains, great hiking trails, lakes. a grocery store, pharmacy etc.

  • Not crowded.

  • The stunning view


  • All the restaunrants and shops colse at 6pm.

  • Needles to say, water is super clean and delicious from the mountains.

Schiederweiher Lake

Award-winning lake. It is a man-made lake but absolutely stunning. You can walk to the lake from the town so easily so anyone can reach here.

Where we stayed

We would highly recommend this place.


Very touristy.

Not many hiking trails.

Should go in the morning.

But it is totally worth visiting!!

That's all I wanted to say.


There are 3 options for camping sites in Traunsee if I am not mistaken. After checking google reviews, we decided to stay at Camping Traunsee.

It was next to the main road so the car noise bothered me but everything else was okay.

Also, we were impressed with how clean the shower room and toilets were. Both rooms had IC card locks.

Traunstein (Hiking)

One of the scariest but most exciting ascend I’ve ever done.

You will struggle if you have a fear of heights.

However, there are plenty of paths to the summit and I assume we took the most advanced one and it was exhilarating.

There is a hut on the top and it is well-built and equipped.

We started walking from the camping site in Traunsee as we didn’t travel by car but it can be skipped.

Plan with extra time allowance as it could take longer than you think. You don’t need any special hiking tools and the trail has ladders and chains to hold.


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