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Japan Travel Guide for people who don't like mainstream.

Updated: Mar 13

This blog is created to serve as a supplement to our video. Please watch our video to get the full understanding.

Arriving Japan

  • Easy to get a SUICA even for a foreigner. (WELCOME SUICA)

  • SUICA is a prepaid rechargeable contactless smart card.

  • You can top-up and even use it in Conbini not only for transportation.

  • SIM 

    • Recommend E-SIM but if not then…

    • Bought it from Don Qijote (Japan's biggest everything store. You can buy anything with relatively cheaper price. You can find it pretty much anywhere in Japan)

  • Getting around

    •  Google map

    •  Taxi is too expensive

    • Uber is not recommended.



Mt Nantai is for watching not for climbing. It was good but the other hike had a more impressive view.

This is the view from Mt Nantai.

The view from the summit of Mount Nantai
The view from the summit of Mount Nantai

Impressive statue looking at Mount Fuji
Impressive statue looking at Mount Fuji

Recommend doing other hikes to see Mt Nantai

The view of Mt Nantai from Mt Hangetsu
The view of Mt Nantai from Mt Hangetsu


Avoid the crowds and go up to the observatory (FOC) 

Go to Fuglen Coffee if you crave coffee.

  • It is technically a Norwegian cafe but they only have shops in Norway and Japan so… It is kinda touristy but worth it. 

  • I recommend drinking Americano not hand-drip. ( They only had Aeropress which I can do at home and it was meh.) 


Ramen we ate

Kuma chan Ramen


Visit Gachapon (Capsule Toy Vending Machine) Heaven "#C-Pla"

This building is filled with more than 700 capsule toy vending machines. You would surely find random capsule toys.


If you are a green tea lover, you will appreciate the trip.

You will need to take a train and bus from the central part of Fukuoka (Tenjin).

It is quite a walk from the Yama central bus stop to the green tea field observatory, but nothing challenging.

Visit the Bus Stop Library in front of the main bus stop of Yame. 

You can get free Yama green tea by downloading a free app. (*I assume the app is only available on the Japanese Appstore/Playstore.


Underrated spot most tourists ignore

Book a hotel with relatively cheaper prices than Tokyo but with much better facilities, such as bigger rooms, a gym, free shuttle bus from/to Narita airport.

Narita Sando 

You don’t have to go to Asakusa, Narita Sando is less crowded but has lots to offer. 

Eat the best Tonkatsu that I've ever had.

Super close to Narita Sando, it is on Google Map too so you won't miss it.

I assume they don't speak English but super friendly. Don't forget to take cash with you.


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