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Szczecin: Paris, Poland


Szczecin, a port city in Poland along the border with Germany, was a city that I felt strongly that I wanted to live among the cities I visited in Poland.

Szczecin, which is also the birthplace of Empress Catherine II of Russia, went through a turbulent history with Pomerania, Sweden, and German territory, and became Poland after World War II. It is a city that has been restored by citizens based on

Szczecin is like that, but there is actually a reason why I feel that it is somewhat similar to Paris. I wrote an article about the charm of Szczecin, which is popular among Poles as "Polish Paris".

Parisian-ish streets

Prisian ish style

Etoile Arc de Triomphe is a roundabout that even those who have never been to Paris have seen somewhere at least once. I think I'm not the only one who feels "Paris" just by looking at this scenery.

Szczecin has a roundabout that reminds me of Paris.

Furthermore, some of you may have enjoyed a picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is also a landscape in Szczecin that reminds us of a grassy area. Not the Eiffel Tower, but the three eagle statues to commemorate the end of World War II.

Personally, I felt it was better than Paris because there were much fewer people than Paris. I was tired of the crowds in Paris, but here I was able to relax and enjoy the cityscape.

Is it just a coincidence that the city is reminiscent of Paris? There was actually a reason for this.

Georges-Eugène Haussmann, an urban planner who designed the city of Paris today, designed the cityscape of Szczecin.

What is even more surprising is that this beautiful townscape was rebuilt by human hands after it was once wiped out during the war.

The beautiful cityscape of Warsaw is the same, but it makes me feel the power of human beings that nothing is impossible if people work together.

It is beautiful to walk along the Oder River, the second largest river in Poland that leads to the Baltic Sea, and besides large parks like Kasrowicz Park, there are small parks everywhere, and the city is full of greenery. It was so nice to walk around with my dog.

From here, I will introduce recommended spots in Szczecin.

Szczecin is not a big city, so you can walk around all the spots introduced here.

Beautiful town

Pomeranian Prince's Castle

Castle of the Duke of Pomerania

Even from a distance, the castle of the Duke of Pomerania is designed like a shortcake.

It seems that many events are held on the castle grounds.

There was a charge to enter the castle. We didn't go inside but the exterior was very impressive.

This clock tower was very unique.

unique clock tower

Karlowicz Philharmonic

Karlowicz Philharmonic

A beautifully designed concert hall that could be considered a symbol of Szczecin. I've seen many postcards with this design.

Unfortunately, we couldn't go inside because we were with our dog, but it was very unique and interesting just from the outside.

It seems that it is beautifully lit up at night.

Solidarity Square

Solidarity Square

Solidarity Square is located in the square in front of the Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Solidarity Square was rebuilt on the spot where 16 people demonstrating against communism were brutally killed.

The roof of the Szczecin History Museum, where you can learn about the turbulent history of Szczecin, including World War II and the communist era, is a bold and modern design with a square where you can skateboard and roller skate.

The building has won an award in 2016 and is well worth a visit.

There is also a statue of an angel in the square to commemorate the incident that occurred in December 1970.

Angel statue enshrining the incident that occurred in December 1970

On the square is the Lech Wałęsa symbol sign drawn.

This is what it looks like from above.

Solidarity Square

Jasne Błonia Square

Jasne Błonia Square

Jasne Blonia Square

This square reminded me of the lawn square in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Go straight through a large roundabout, and there are many street venders on holidays.

I was so glad dogs are welcome here.

Venice in Szczecin? (Szczecińska Wenecja)

Szczecińska Wenecja

Szczecińska Wenecja

There is a place called "Venice of Szczecin" right behind Szczecin Central Station.

The scenery that can be seen from the place where you crossed the small bridge was a destroyed yeast and alcohol factory.

It's a spot on Google Maps, but it was very quiet, probably because it's not well known.

Local Food : Paprykasz


Paprykarz [pah-pryh-cash] is a mixture of cooked fish, rice, vegetables and spices and it tastes sweet, mildly fishy and aromatic.

Canned paprykarz can be bought pretty much anywhere in Poland but I personally didn't like it. Though, I really loved fresh paprykarz.


If you want to eat paprykasz, this is the place to go!

Szczecin is close to the Baltic Sea, so you can eat fresh seafood.


The customer service was also very good. Plus, dogs are welcome too :)

If you want real coffee in Szczecin

#Alternatywnie Cafe

This Alternatywnnie cafe is the one that made me the most delicious flat white I've had in the last few years.

It's not that busy, so I'm happy I can take it easy and that dogs are welcome too.

There was also a sofa where you could relax.

In addition to the flat white, the hand-drip coffee made with the Origami dripper is also very delicious, and I went there three times during my stay.

Origami Coffee

Click here for a Google map list of the spots introduced this time


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