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Poland Life Diary 1: Blueberry


Cześć! My name is Takuya and I live in Poland.

I live in Gdynia, the happiest city in Poland, on the Baltic Sea.

The long winter is over and summer has arrived. When summer arrives, I really feel glad to be alive. The difference in the hours of daylight here is even more drastic than in Japan, so I have come to feel even more grateful for summer.

This morning, I went trail running in the forest behind my house and then went blueberry picking. It's June now, but there are already lots of blueberries in the forest. It seems to be a little earlier than usual.

In Japan, blueberries are very expensive compared to other foods, so being able to pick and eat as many blueberries as I want in the nearby forest is a dream come true.

Of course, they are not the large blueberries you see in the supermarket, but they are still very delicious and nutritious.

By the way, in Poland, the blueberries you see in supermarkets are called "jagoda," and the small blueberries I picked in the forest are called "Borówka." I really think that Polish is a very rich language.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries have been widely studied for their health benefits, and a large body of scientific evidence supports their benefits. Below are some of the key health benefits of blueberries and the scientific evidence that supports them:

1. Antioxidant properties

Blueberries are rich in powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and the phytochemical anthocyanin, which help neutralize free radicals in the body and prevent cell damage.

Scientific evidence:

A study by Miller, HE, et al. (2000) showed that blueberries have a very high antioxidant capacity compared to other fruits.

2. Improved brain function

Consuming blueberries may improve cognitive function, especially in older adults.

Scientific evidence:

A study by Devore, EE, et al. (2012) showed that consumption of blueberries slows cognitive decline in older women.

Krikorian, R., et al. (2010) reported that blueberry juice improved memory function in elderly people with mild cognitive impairment.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Consuming blueberries has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Scientific evidence:

A study by Basu, A., et al. (2010) also reported that blueberry consumption improves blood pressure and indicators of arteriosclerosis.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce chronic inflammation.

Scientific evidence:

A study by Esposito, K., et al. (2014) showed that blueberries may help reduce inflammatory markers.

5. Blood sugar management

Blueberries also help control blood sugar levels, which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes.

Scientific evidence:

A study by Stull, AJ, et al. (2010) showed that blueberry consumption improved insulin sensitivity in obese, insulin-resistant adults.

Polish food made with blueberries

Perhaps because Poland is blessed with an environment that allows for the harvest of blueberries in abundance, there are many Polish foods that use blueberries.

1. Jagodzianki

It is a popular Polish pastry, made of sweet yeast dough with a blueberry filling and often topped with a sugar icing.

2. Blueberry Pierogi (Pierogi with Jagodami)

I was surprised to find that pierogi are not only filled with salty fillings like potatoes, cheese, and minced meat, but also with fruits like blueberries. Pierogi with blueberry filling are especially popular in the summer. They are stuffed with sweet blueberries and cream and are often served with butter or sour cream.

3. Blueberry pancakes

It is a thin crepe-like pancake rolled with blueberries and topped with blueberry sauce, and served with sour cream and sugar.

4. Blueberry soup (Zupa Jagodowa)

It is a cold soup eaten on hot summer days, and is characterized by its sweet and sour taste using blueberries. It is cooked with milk or cream and can also be enjoyed as a dessert. Personally, I don't like cold soups because I feel something is wrong with them.

5. Blueberry compote (Kompot z Jagodami)

A traditional Polish fruit drink made from stewed blueberries, it is usually served chilled and has a sweet and fruity flavour.

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Piotr Stanek
Piotr Stanek
20 de jun.

We love blueberries :) Especially when we are in the mountains: Gorce and Bieszczady. Please see second chapter:

Piotr Stanek
Piotr Stanek
24 de jun.
Respondendo a

Ha! Jagodzianka is the best :) If you visit us, we will visit some local mountain huts together to taste the local "jagodzianka" :)

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